Wednesday, 28 July 2010

The Queen of Cocktailparty preperations

on saturday we had a small housewarming party, in our wee new flat in oslo, with COCKTAILS, jeeeeeeeee!

It could have been my audition to become Don Drapers new wife. My Grandma's old dress, all kinds of funny drinks, and probably loads of repressed emotions.

And then Kai who decided to go back to the 90's, drinking a San Francisco, i.e. the drinkmix w/ vodka and OJ.
ooooh, bad memories from being 16.

Thursday, 22 July 2010

The pink blog...

I've just read one of the pink-bloggers phenomenon (Rosa bloggerne) pages; Voe... 
Wow. she's like, 14 and actually scarily hot for being so young. And she's the most read blog in the country. And all her friends look the same! i don't think we were that..fancy... when we were 14...

I think that the whole popularity-thing here is about these pretty girls daring to admit that they care about boys and make-up and periods and clothes and make-up again, (and scarily, skin-injections) and stuff, and people love to read about other peoples thoughts, it's like a sneak-peak in a diary. 
And also, lets face it, people like to look at the pictures she puts out, as she's a cute girl posing in cute outfits. 

But she is 14... she's certainly laid her future out. 
But she's more fashionable then me (though a bit too vain and insanely busy putting on her makeup and wearing one-pieces though). . Hope she also had been in a barn milking a cow and stepping in poo. 
And also silly things you do when you're a teenager. Like listen to really bad german electro called 
E-rotic, without realizing it's dirty. hah. like we ever did that....
But she is 14 and the most talked about girl her age..
Here's a pic of me not being a pink-blogger 

So, the new PINK lay-out on the blog is for the hope that she might be a wonderful investigating reporter one day. or maybe a nurse.