Saturday, 18 September 2010

Lear lier

ÅlandÅland... where (?) i hear you mutter silently in between the knowing nodds and aahhh's.... yeah, thought so myself. 
like, no biggie, just a short trip to sweden. eh, i mean Finland... -ish... yeah. 
So after a bus a plane a bus another bus filled with pensioners on a harry-tur, a ferry with cheap booze and yummy licorice-chocolate, (i.e someone got sea-sick, again, trying to manage not to be sick on someone's feet) a car ride, another ferry (not such a bumpy ride) and here i arrived. Am here for a week on a laboratory working on King Lear. it's very interesting and i get loads of new views on the play, which i am now realizing i didn't know that well after all.
AND remember my friends, nothing can come of nothing. or can it?

Monday, 13 September 2010

Hedda. Hedda Gabler

Looking through the performance schedule at the Nat. Theatre in Oslo, and remembered that they're doing Hedda Gabler. Again.
I love love love the play, (as the DC students might recall) and am absolutely gutted that it is, yes... sold out!

Then remembered my all-time favorite Hedda performance, and especially this scene, from Thomas Ostermeiers production that toured Europe for years with Katharina Schüttler playing the lead.
Saw it at the Barbican in London, and I still get goosebumps thinking of that particular scene (which you can watch the clipp of HERE.)
Must have been at that moment when I realised that I have to play this character. Something i am yet still to do, so don't hesitate to call me...

Other kick-ass Heddas:

Rosamund Pike

Cate Blanchett

Thursday, 9 September 2010

London called...

... and they wanted me back.
So, I packed a bag with too many things in it as always, and flew straight into Soho House and their rooftop terrace, drinking cocktails with the rich.
London must not have treated me very well somehow, cause i felt a bit under the weather the next day.. But still went to High Street Ken trying not to be sick on anyone.
Running to Brick Lane for a much needed curry. Met a rock chic, two lingerie clad hotties, a nightbus and a very drunken scotsman. BIKRAM. Camden/cupcakes? both. Tube strike and bad haircuts and pink skirts and rain and running in heels and ex-boyfriends and songs and songs. Beautiful.

And just as my weekend in London was summed up, the same wonderful London atmosphere is brilliantly portrayed in "Earthquakes in London" a play by Mike Bartlett at the National Theatre
A whirlwind explosion of colors, dance and song, and a story about the fear about the future as we are destroying the world with global warming through our excess usage and carelessness. How easily we are corrupted by money and promises of a bright and happy future, how fear and love and hope and faith are contrasting each other throughout our life.
All with the backdrop of the everyday London life, on an orange catwalk. love it.
This inventive, fun, reflective and challenging family epos who takes us through 3 generations (and then some) where flashbacks and forwards integrated in the action, gives the audience a roller coaster ride with emotions and priceless funny situations. The 3 1/2 hours actually flies by.
Even though the ending was a bit far fetched and the science fiction myths with it's robots a bit out there, I really loved this play.
Physical theater, EXCELLENT actors, humor, play and fun, and I even dropped a tear (or two).

Deff worth lining up for return tickets.

Thursday, 2 September 2010

Liv Ullman. Still the (wo)man.

OK. I must admit I've beeen excited about this perforamnce. Liv Ullmann is like the Queen. I imagine she drinks tea in little cups and has someone to massage her feet and feeds little dogs with little squares of bread with liverpate.
But... then she's also one the most amazing actors we have, the most magnificant and brave and highrisen woman when she again emerges from the "where-did-she-go-" ness (making films with the stars can hardly be called that, but still..) and makes me admire and wonder over her talent once again.
HOWEVER, I will not get to marvel over it, as it's.. yes you guessed it, sold out. 
         "Long Day's Journey Into Night" - Eugene O'Neill

           Read one of the (norwegian) reviews HERE  

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Summer is over

Yep, it is. At least almost. People have started school, jobs or aapplying for benefits.
And THAT means that I'm gonna have to start "work" again as well.
SO, this will now be a place for me to tell YOU ALL about the plays I read, see and hear about, and what I think of them..
But also fun pics from everyday life. that's also important. you need to see beauty in the simple things.
This is two good people, who have seen something beautiful in the common. Cows bums. And the goat found Sigbjørn (...xx)