Monday, 29 August 2011

it's seriously time for some serious "blogging"..

So, my boyfriend is leaving me for Murmansk. For who, you might think? But alas (or rather thank god, i just never find the right time to use alas, and it's such a great word) it is a only a huge whole city. And a cold one too. In Russia. BUT he's not leaving for ever, only for 6 months.
So while he's getting aquainted with his, what should i call it... nomadic, diplomatic, demographic, geographic, chilly...  side, i must find some other way to pass this time called home-alone-life...
So... NOW IS THE TIME for some new adventures in the old country!
At least once a week i will do at least one thing i've never done before, and make a blog of it.
Yes i know quite 2007, but who cares!! i was busy in 2007.

My first i have never ....
(not to be confused with the game i have never where everyone had to tell explicit truths (or fakes) about themselves, preferably about their very "exciting" sexlife..)
.... alas will have to wait. (right use of it? methinks so.)
I couldn't really think of anything new i've done today. Which means i now must go to bed and make a plan.