Thursday, 8 September 2011

three new firsts

Yes, it’s taken it’s time, even with the positive outlook of quite a lot of spare time.. but HERE is finally not only one new thing i’ve done, but 3!!!

Since i was abandoned on thursday, i decided to do something about my loneliness on friday already.So i decided to go north as well. To my three favorite girls in the old town of Trysil! We danced, we laughed, we cried a little and then Lea repeatedly tried to wash her hands in the loo. (She’ll turn 3 next week... At least she washes them.)
So, the first i have never is; actually being awake BEFORE 2 little munchkins jump on me in Lindas spare bed, screaming; it’s morning get up!!! i.e before 7am.. It must be said that i woke up from one of them falling over in the staircase coming down, making so much noice i thought it was a train coming down, and then turning on the lights stumbeling across my stuff over the floor, argueing over who came down first.
Still, a first!!

I then proceded with my journey north.
Small pitstop in quite a nice cabin, with a brand new road leading up to it. I must say i felt like i was going where no man has gone before (maybe true?), as it was an extreemly bumpy ride with me screaming; are you sure this is actually finished and possible to drive on??! It was. I survived. Anfd arrived safely inside.
Which leads me to nr. 2 of the firsts: I played... a car game on playstation with 3D. I hit myself several times, not only because the bloody forrests and beaches and canyons and trees (not to mentions the other cars that passed me) where coming straight at me... But because i couldn’t get my hand to stop jumping, you know like it used to do last time i play a tv-game, that being Mario Bros and it was 1991. 
I swear to God, it workes to throw the consol to the right when you were jumping!

Then... to the finale of this i have never........ I have tiled my very own bathroom. (!!!) Well, not my own, and not the entire thing, and the tiles were already there, so it was to do the ”heming” (is that an english word??) In norwegian it’s ”fuge”. And i was, entierly to my surprise, the natural born ”fuger”!! I was amazingly quick and presise. Who would have thought! I blame my excellent muscle memory, not my brilliant brain...
This is not so much about bragging that i can now add fuging to all my numerous weird skills, if so i might as well upload my CV and add all the random things i know how to do.
But it’s about saying that we all should do a little more ”fuging” in our lives. Binding things together, and then washing off the exess (There! Now you know how to ”fuge” as well!), along with other things we don’t know how to do.

So my message to all you boys and girls out there is; get out of the city for a while and do some manual 
labour. It’s good for body and soul (and it’s quite fun too)

later xxxxx