Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Tuesday, 1 May 2012


Well, it's May 2012 and my blogging career isn't exactly shooting starts and making a shadow over that of Fotballfrue and the new and inspirational Breddefotballfrue.
However, I am now both inspired and slightly sun burnt after a beautiful 1. May in Oslo, so here goes, my very first FOOD BLOG!

Yes, that's right, I will now give all you delicately arranging food bloggers out there some serious competition with a couple of TIPS!
Or maybe more like some cold hard truths about how it is REALLY to be experimenting in the kitchen...

ATTEMPT # 1: Poached egg.
Looks impossible. But guy on youtube video shows me how brilliantly simple it is! Just swirl, and poof, or rather, poach, there it is. Ridiculously simple.
Reality: not so simple. After 4 eggs it kind of stuck together. But NOT as smooth as the guys on youtube. I will sue him. This is the first attempt. But we have really cute plates, don't you think?

ATTEMPT # 2: French macaroons.
Noras favourite and mine as well, from my time at the famous Cafe Pushkin in Moscow.
Looks impossible, but my friend Trude Sofie ensures me that it's brilliantly simple!
AND believe it or not, it actually is! Except for that my kitchen is in a horrible horrible mess, and you who have lived with me will know that when i SAY it's a mess it's like Hiroshima. And really time consuming. Luckily I've ha an awful cough for over a week so plenty of indoors time!
AND i managed to make them, they looked like shit (literally like two little poos with some brown poo in the middle) but tasted SO scrumptious that i ate them all before remembering to take a pic. So i win for best taste. Here is a pic of before the mess really started though.

Small piece of reindeer fillet with pine taste, slightly smoked on the way to the table, so tender that it was almost like butter...

.....and yes of course you're right, it definitely wasn't me who made this..
We got it at this amazing restaurant at Grefsenkollen in Oslo, which everyone should visit on a very special occasion. Of if you're just filthy rich..

BON APPETITE and hopefully I'll be back with even more* (if possible) brilliant and good tips!


Thursday, 8 September 2011

three new firsts

Yes, it’s taken it’s time, even with the positive outlook of quite a lot of spare time.. but HERE is finally not only one new thing i’ve done, but 3!!!

Since i was abandoned on thursday, i decided to do something about my loneliness on friday already.So i decided to go north as well. To my three favorite girls in the old town of Trysil! We danced, we laughed, we cried a little and then Lea repeatedly tried to wash her hands in the loo. (She’ll turn 3 next week... At least she washes them.)
So, the first i have never is; actually being awake BEFORE 2 little munchkins jump on me in Lindas spare bed, screaming; it’s morning get up!!! i.e before 7am.. It must be said that i woke up from one of them falling over in the staircase coming down, making so much noice i thought it was a train coming down, and then turning on the lights stumbeling across my stuff over the floor, argueing over who came down first.
Still, a first!!

I then proceded with my journey north.
Small pitstop in quite a nice cabin, with a brand new road leading up to it. I must say i felt like i was going where no man has gone before (maybe true?), as it was an extreemly bumpy ride with me screaming; are you sure this is actually finished and possible to drive on??! It was. I survived. Anfd arrived safely inside.
Which leads me to nr. 2 of the firsts: I played... a car game on playstation with 3D. I hit myself several times, not only because the bloody forrests and beaches and canyons and trees (not to mentions the other cars that passed me) where coming straight at me... But because i couldn’t get my hand to stop jumping, you know like it used to do last time i play a tv-game, that being Mario Bros and it was 1991. 
I swear to God, it workes to throw the consol to the right when you were jumping!

Then... to the finale of this i have never........ I have tiled my very own bathroom. (!!!) Well, not my own, and not the entire thing, and the tiles were already there, so it was to do the ”heming” (is that an english word??) In norwegian it’s ”fuge”. And i was, entierly to my surprise, the natural born ”fuger”!! I was amazingly quick and presise. Who would have thought! I blame my excellent muscle memory, not my brilliant brain...
This is not so much about bragging that i can now add fuging to all my numerous weird skills, if so i might as well upload my CV and add all the random things i know how to do.
But it’s about saying that we all should do a little more ”fuging” in our lives. Binding things together, and then washing off the exess (There! Now you know how to ”fuge” as well!), along with other things we don’t know how to do.

So my message to all you boys and girls out there is; get out of the city for a while and do some manual 
labour. It’s good for body and soul (and it’s quite fun too)

later xxxxx


Monday, 29 August 2011

it's seriously time for some serious "blogging"..

So, my boyfriend is leaving me for Murmansk. For who, you might think? But alas (or rather thank god, i just never find the right time to use alas, and it's such a great word) it is a only a huge whole city. And a cold one too. In Russia. BUT he's not leaving for ever, only for 6 months.
So while he's getting aquainted with his, what should i call it... nomadic, diplomatic, demographic, geographic, chilly...  side, i must find some other way to pass this time called home-alone-life...
So... NOW IS THE TIME for some new adventures in the old country!
At least once a week i will do at least one thing i've never done before, and make a blog of it.
Yes i know quite 2007, but who cares!! i was busy in 2007.

My first i have never ....
(not to be confused with the game i have never where everyone had to tell explicit truths (or fakes) about themselves, preferably about their very "exciting" sexlife..)
.... alas will have to wait. (right use of it? methinks so.)
I couldn't really think of anything new i've done today. Which means i now must go to bed and make a plan.


Friday, 11 February 2011


I know, the updates on my blog have been a rarity lately... I have a couple unfinished posts, so here's a summary:
- Workshop with TOLD BY AN IDIOT in London in december. Had a wonderful time, worked on Comedy of Errors and their physical approach to Shakespeare. Right down my alley, and this is seriously something I will bring further. Also met a lovely girl called Vera, whom is friends with my friend Anna. Jeeeee, wonderful coincident! I (heart) London.
- Becoming an aunt to beautiful little Anna.
- Applying for funding from every corner of the national money-box to the project "Anna i Ødemarka", and then also getting some £££ in! Writing and producing and all's well.
- Enjoying life in Winter-Oslo with good friends, and having plans of both going skiing and ice-skating.
- Loved christmas at home at -35C degrees, getting the christmas tree in beautiful freezing winter wonderland...

- New years eve was wonderful with friends, food and games!
My favorite was off course The extra-special-historical-play-quiz from Eli Anne!
And this is the challenge, where are these 6 historical plays performed (hopefully) each year!?

HAPPY (belated) NEW YEAR! 


Sunday, 30 January 2011

enough with the pink blog. new year, new colors.
My "Anna" project is going forward, so bloody scary, but so good! yay!

Thursday, 2 December 2010


Wenche Foss, the Queen, er dødelig syk, melder Dagbladet i dag. Hun har bl.a svekket immunforsvar og produserer for lite blod.
BLOD! I dag har jeg GITT blod for første gang! Gi det til Wenche!!!!! Slik at hun kanskje kvikner til med mitt gode bondeblod. Vi blir vel da egentlig samme person. oi oi, jeg og Wenche.
We are fabulous.

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Timberland Eye Candy...

Ole, who I worked with  earlier this year, is a student at Westerdals, and I was his model for the project Eye Candy 2010... haha. The item that is the candy here, are the shoes.
Ok, and of course my bruised legs in them, haha. Lovely afternoon at Holmenkollen, in beautiful autumn weather, literarily freezing my butt off, courtesy to all the posh dining guest at Holmenkollen Restaurant who got a good look at my ass. YOU'RE WELCOME ! :)

Think the result was really cool though. That is, the picture is cool.  Not that it resulted in a bad cold and scratches on my calfs. But hey, all for art, art for all.

Saturday, 30 October 2010

hva skjedde med "Ta sjansen"?

I går da jeg så på Senkvld på TV2 etter endt gullrekke og før jeg skulle legge meg tidlig da jeg skulle opp i fjøset på morran(ja, faktisk opp i fjøset på morran, er heme og er budeie), var oppgaven i Camp Senkveld å gjøre en "TA SJANSEN"!! Dvs lage et fartøy med en "utskytningsmekanisme" hvor det da kommer et lite fartøy ut av det store når det setter uttfor unnarennet på Holmenkollen, og dette lille f.eks seeeeeiler bortover sjøen. Eller kreative sykkeldoninger. ELLER BEGGE DELER!!

Og dette var jo mitt absolutte favorittprogram som barn!!! Det var bedre enn Grand Prix og 17. mai og nesten bedre en Tre nøtter til Askepott og Reisen til Julestjernen (bare nesten).
Men hvor har det blitt av? Finnes det fortsatt? Hvem er kommentator?
OG, hvor kan man melde seg på?
HOHOHO, Dette f.eks er en god ide. En London buss med kanskje en syklist inni! med full sykkelutstyrpakke som alle fancy folk har nå for tida, komplett med en marka-turgåer på sittende fast i skjernen etter å ha sykla litt for fort på stiene der oppe. 

NICE! Eller f.eks en ku med en kalv på sykkel inni? 

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Four seasons

No, not the Hotel, but the classical masterpiece, taken to new heights through Jo Strømgrens choreography at the Opera House in Oslo!
I think it's fitting to use the phrase OMG as it was seriously ab fab.
He is so original and unique and his four seasons were filled with nerve, humor, sarcasm, beauty, absurdity, grotesque images and pure wonderfulness as well as a seriously well thought through dance theatre piece. A series of situations from our recent history, on how life is absurd and man is powerless over our own destiny.
There's so much to say about it, but no time for it all now.

The last performance was on monday, but i think that the state TV channel will broadcast it during this christmas, so DON'T MISS IT!

PS. Featured is a giant mechanical PIG, filling the entire stage at one point. There will be milk.

PPS. I want to be a weird crazy dancer as well! perhaps try getting off the floor first...