Thursday, 22 July 2010

The pink blog...

I've just read one of the pink-bloggers phenomenon (Rosa bloggerne) pages; Voe... 
Wow. she's like, 14 and actually scarily hot for being so young. And she's the most read blog in the country. And all her friends look the same! i don't think we were that..fancy... when we were 14...

I think that the whole popularity-thing here is about these pretty girls daring to admit that they care about boys and make-up and periods and clothes and make-up again, (and scarily, skin-injections) and stuff, and people love to read about other peoples thoughts, it's like a sneak-peak in a diary. 
And also, lets face it, people like to look at the pictures she puts out, as she's a cute girl posing in cute outfits. 

But she is 14... she's certainly laid her future out. 
But she's more fashionable then me (though a bit too vain and insanely busy putting on her makeup and wearing one-pieces though). . Hope she also had been in a barn milking a cow and stepping in poo. 
And also silly things you do when you're a teenager. Like listen to really bad german electro called 
E-rotic, without realizing it's dirty. hah. like we ever did that....
But she is 14 and the most talked about girl her age..
Here's a pic of me not being a pink-blogger 

So, the new PINK lay-out on the blog is for the hope that she might be a wonderful investigating reporter one day. or maybe a nurse.

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