Friday, 11 February 2011


I know, the updates on my blog have been a rarity lately... I have a couple unfinished posts, so here's a summary:
- Workshop with TOLD BY AN IDIOT in London in december. Had a wonderful time, worked on Comedy of Errors and their physical approach to Shakespeare. Right down my alley, and this is seriously something I will bring further. Also met a lovely girl called Vera, whom is friends with my friend Anna. Jeeeee, wonderful coincident! I (heart) London.
- Becoming an aunt to beautiful little Anna.
- Applying for funding from every corner of the national money-box to the project "Anna i Ødemarka", and then also getting some £££ in! Writing and producing and all's well.
- Enjoying life in Winter-Oslo with good friends, and having plans of both going skiing and ice-skating.
- Loved christmas at home at -35C degrees, getting the christmas tree in beautiful freezing winter wonderland...

- New years eve was wonderful with friends, food and games!
My favorite was off course The extra-special-historical-play-quiz from Eli Anne!
And this is the challenge, where are these 6 historical plays performed (hopefully) each year!?

HAPPY (belated) NEW YEAR! 


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