Tuesday, 1 May 2012


Well, it's May 2012 and my blogging career isn't exactly shooting starts and making a shadow over that of Fotballfrue and the new and inspirational Breddefotballfrue.
However, I am now both inspired and slightly sun burnt after a beautiful 1. May in Oslo, so here goes, my very first FOOD BLOG!

Yes, that's right, I will now give all you delicately arranging food bloggers out there some serious competition with a couple of TIPS!
Or maybe more like some cold hard truths about how it is REALLY to be experimenting in the kitchen...

ATTEMPT # 1: Poached egg.
Looks impossible. But guy on youtube video shows me how brilliantly simple it is! Just swirl, and poof, or rather, poach, there it is. Ridiculously simple.
Reality: not so simple. After 4 eggs it kind of stuck together. But NOT as smooth as the guys on youtube. I will sue him. This is the first attempt. But we have really cute plates, don't you think?

ATTEMPT # 2: French macaroons.
Noras favourite and mine as well, from my time at the famous Cafe Pushkin in Moscow.
Looks impossible, but my friend Trude Sofie ensures me that it's brilliantly simple!
AND believe it or not, it actually is! Except for that my kitchen is in a horrible horrible mess, and you who have lived with me will know that when i SAY it's a mess it's like Hiroshima. And really time consuming. Luckily I've ha an awful cough for over a week so plenty of indoors time!
AND i managed to make them, they looked like shit (literally like two little poos with some brown poo in the middle) but tasted SO scrumptious that i ate them all before remembering to take a pic. So i win for best taste. Here is a pic of before the mess really started though.

Small piece of reindeer fillet with pine taste, slightly smoked on the way to the table, so tender that it was almost like butter...

.....and yes of course you're right, it definitely wasn't me who made this..
We got it at this amazing restaurant at Grefsenkollen in Oslo, which everyone should visit on a very special occasion. Of if you're just filthy rich..

BON APPETITE and hopefully I'll be back with even more* (if possible) brilliant and good tips!


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