Friday, 18 September 2009

Carola - the Musical

HEY MICKE, oh man, if i were to write a musical i would call it, Hey Micke -  You are Fångad av en stormvind (captured by a storm wind) .... a Tribute to Carola!
With major hits and a tragic story, yet with a happy happy ending. And at least 99 costume changes.
And i want me to play the young Carola and Phin to be Micke, the main characters, doing "attudes".
And Sir Ian McKellan and Judy Dench to play the older versions.
Also we need Pia Haraldsen to play the sleezy precher Runar Søgaard. They sort of look alike and the part would suit her. Though apparently she's such an appallingly horrible actor that we'll probably need an extra preacher.
I suggest Åge Alexandersen. He would rock the show.
A new HIT musical is born.

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