Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Election time in ye ole country, moving time in the new

ALRIGHT, it's now final that the red-green coalition will stay for another 4 years at the parliament.
Personally I find the whole election rather strange.
No, not necessarily because I'm stupid and ignorant, or because i'm an actress, or that i haven't lived in Norway for 3 years, but because of this: No matter what party you vote for, you never know what you're gonna get! you'll only get one big chunk of 1/3 of all the parties. So they'll all end up fighting for inside anyway. I love a good election though, and that sad face of Sponheim, the pouting of Jensen the arrogant smirk of Jens and the gleeful happy-face of Halvorsen, makes you love them like a big "happy" family you see on TV on a wednesday afternoon when everybody else is at work, and you've had 3 cups of coffee and am knitting your second mitten for the day. (yes Mari, i mean 7th heaven... or possibly Bonanza. maybe more that. All the shooting)

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