Saturday, 16 October 2010

So far in October:

- Fell of my bike and landed in a big puddle. (scratches on my knees, BOOOHOO)
- Applied for THE artist scholarship
- Auditioned for a play in a dialect that I REALLY don't know how to do (got recalled though...)
- Knitted a pair of trousers for my little nephew/niece due to arrive in December
- Played a Doctor in a roleplay (not just played doctor)...
- Send my first bill from my own "company"
- Bought the same birthday present for my father as my brother and sister-in-law did
- Went to the Norwegian Opera House properly for the first time (Figaros Wedding, quite good -very long)
- Decided to seriously start to develop the play "Anna fra Ødemarka" av Dagfinn Grønoset

AND this is the most exciting thing. I've wanted to do it for years, but i never really had an idea or an opportunity. But now i do.
I really want it to be finished by this time next year, as the county I grew up in, and Anna lived in, is 100 years in 2011.
The story of Anna is very adaptable for stage, and quite dramatic and with enough emotional, historical and sentimental content to interest people. I hope. Though, we'll see if it'll be finished in a year.

SO, if you want to be involved, just let me know!
I need all the help i can get. Am currently working on adapting it to stage. I.e. it will not be exactly as in the book...

This is Anna i Ødemarka:    

This is me i Ødemarka

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Siv Tone said...

Det høres ut som en begivenhetsrik høst. Flott bilde av deg i ødemarka. Er det på sætra?