Saturday, 2 October 2010


Came home from Åland with a horrid cold, a feeling of being lost and actually only slightly inspirational, and so arrived at my parents farm in the middle of a snowstorm. In the middle of september!!! 
and it stuck for at least 5 days, that was the worst part. Way way way too early, the poor cows just standing there staring at the snow, unable to comprehend HOW they now can get food??? 3 inches of white stuff? where's the green stuff??
As my dad is a keen hunter (for the whole 2 days that he allowed himself to be off work. And, i proudly add that he shot a big moose the second and beautifully wintery day x), I was at home helping my mum in the barn. 
A couple of days full of childhood bliss, home cooked meals, chit-chat, and not to mention hard muscle work... Nice to get away for a couple of days, even though i was bunged up with the mandatory autumn cold for the whole time. 
Closed the trip off with a visit to my favorite girl-team, Linda, Aida and Lea. 
Forgot to take pics, so here's an old pic just to remind you how cute they are !  x h

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