Thursday, 2 September 2010

Liv Ullman. Still the (wo)man.

OK. I must admit I've beeen excited about this perforamnce. Liv Ullmann is like the Queen. I imagine she drinks tea in little cups and has someone to massage her feet and feeds little dogs with little squares of bread with liverpate.
But... then she's also one the most amazing actors we have, the most magnificant and brave and highrisen woman when she again emerges from the "where-did-she-go-" ness (making films with the stars can hardly be called that, but still..) and makes me admire and wonder over her talent once again.
HOWEVER, I will not get to marvel over it, as it's.. yes you guessed it, sold out. 
         "Long Day's Journey Into Night" - Eugene O'Neill

           Read one of the (norwegian) reviews HERE  

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