Saturday, 18 September 2010

Lear lier

ÅlandÅland... where (?) i hear you mutter silently in between the knowing nodds and aahhh's.... yeah, thought so myself. 
like, no biggie, just a short trip to sweden. eh, i mean Finland... -ish... yeah. 
So after a bus a plane a bus another bus filled with pensioners on a harry-tur, a ferry with cheap booze and yummy licorice-chocolate, (i.e someone got sea-sick, again, trying to manage not to be sick on someone's feet) a car ride, another ferry (not such a bumpy ride) and here i arrived. Am here for a week on a laboratory working on King Lear. it's very interesting and i get loads of new views on the play, which i am now realizing i didn't know that well after all.
AND remember my friends, nothing can come of nothing. or can it?

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