Thursday, 9 September 2010

London called...

... and they wanted me back.
So, I packed a bag with too many things in it as always, and flew straight into Soho House and their rooftop terrace, drinking cocktails with the rich.
London must not have treated me very well somehow, cause i felt a bit under the weather the next day.. But still went to High Street Ken trying not to be sick on anyone.
Running to Brick Lane for a much needed curry. Met a rock chic, two lingerie clad hotties, a nightbus and a very drunken scotsman. BIKRAM. Camden/cupcakes? both. Tube strike and bad haircuts and pink skirts and rain and running in heels and ex-boyfriends and songs and songs. Beautiful.

And just as my weekend in London was summed up, the same wonderful London atmosphere is brilliantly portrayed in "Earthquakes in London" a play by Mike Bartlett at the National Theatre
A whirlwind explosion of colors, dance and song, and a story about the fear about the future as we are destroying the world with global warming through our excess usage and carelessness. How easily we are corrupted by money and promises of a bright and happy future, how fear and love and hope and faith are contrasting each other throughout our life.
All with the backdrop of the everyday London life, on an orange catwalk. love it.
This inventive, fun, reflective and challenging family epos who takes us through 3 generations (and then some) where flashbacks and forwards integrated in the action, gives the audience a roller coaster ride with emotions and priceless funny situations. The 3 1/2 hours actually flies by.
Even though the ending was a bit far fetched and the science fiction myths with it's robots a bit out there, I really loved this play.
Physical theater, EXCELLENT actors, humor, play and fun, and I even dropped a tear (or two).

Deff worth lining up for return tickets.

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Dave said...

London always wants you back.

How long are you here for?

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